Improving healthcare services with technology solutions.

Healthcare providers are tasked with providing affordable, efficient, and high-quality care, whilst operating within an highly regulated, continually changing landscape. Customers also need a quick and personalised service, which requires access to the right data, and seamless communication between reliable and secure applications. Meeting these expectations can be challenging whilst complying with regulatory, data security, and privacy regulations and requirements healthcare providers are beholden to. This makes any effort toward technology adoption, efficiency, and data integration difficult to do. Acclario can partner with you to help navigate these challenges.

Key Outcomes

Acclario has significant experience working in the health sector for private and public health, NGO and NFP.

We have helped our health clients address these commonly faced challenges by enabling healthcare professionals to: 

  • Access the right information quickly,
  • Share and store information in a safe and secure way, 
  • Transition to the cloud, 
  • Use the most appropriate business application, and  
  • Continue doing what they do best, with ongoing training and support.  

Common outcomes for Acclario Health clients include:


Transform legacy ICT systems and business processes to support business demands and your employees against strategic roadmap.

  • Modern Workplace.
  • Intranet Rapid Onboard.
  • M365 Tenant Setup.


Increase cost savings and efficiency with a suite of industry specific automation and workflow solutions.

  • Adopt Microsoft automation tools such as D365 and Power Automate, to deliver for end users.
  • Systematically replace manual processes.
  • Create seamless business continuity.


Meet strategic objectives such as waste reduction, resource optimisation, turnaround time

  • Industry Accelerators Business Applications and Reports.
  • Content Services and Business Productivity Rapid Toolset.
  • Document management and records management.


Easily coordinate and work together to optimize processes and productivity and completeness in information management.

  • Single Sign-On.
  • Data Consolidation.
  • Systems Integration.

Data Intelligence

Improve decision making process and data sharing organisation wide.

  • Create modern data architecture that supports business users.
  • Improve end to end data capture to reporting process.
  • Create unique connections between data for improved understanding of business operations.

Available Technology


A central and secure document management system configured to reduce administrative overhead and introduce quality change controls. Learn More

Microsoft Teams

Providing effective ways to configure, govern and collaborate communications across the organisation. Learn More

Dynamics 365

Business process optimisation through improved and automated workflows. Free your team from repetitive tasks and bottlenecks and give them the information they need to deliver. Learn More

Custom Apps

Want a tailored solution that precisely fits your business needs? Let us elevate your organisation with intuitive, scalable, and efficient apps using our development services and technologies. Learn More

Business Central

A powerful ERP designed for SME’s. Where most accounting software applications for small business run out of breath at 1000 transactions or 200 employees, Business Central can take you to the next level. Manage the growing complexity in your business with this cloud-based platform with the power to give you visibility deep into your organisation. Learn More

Dynamics CRM

Stakeholder management can become complex as organisations grow. Different customers, vendors, regulator and partner types, combined with complex contractual arrangements, calls for a robust platform that can grow with you. The requirement for powerful insights from these relationships is key and can be achieved with Dynamics CRM. Learn More

Power Platform

With Power Platform, you can build custom applications, automate workflows, and gain valuable insights, breaking down silos and transforming your organization into a dynamic, responsive, and data-driven powerhouse. Learn More

Clients Empowered By Our Solutions

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