Acclario IT Use Cases on Optimisation

In today’s hyper-connected world, every Australian business need to also be a tech company to deliver reliable excellent service.  

No matter the business or industry from our experience all Australian businesses need to understand and adopt forward-looking approach to their business and how IT plays a role.  

The challenge set out is how to communicate backed with evidence the value of solutions provide by your IT vendors and how to help management think through not only the products, services and features being deployed as a cost but how they help solve customer and employee daily business pains. 

Over the last year, we have been able to work with enterprising and forward-thinking organisations, thinking about longer term picture, upfront costs and scalable solutions that transform customer and business process to create potential revenue streams. We are excited to share with you some inspiring stories and real use cases that might help your company leverage cloud tools to optimise operations and increase margins. 

1. Uniting Volunteers Digitally

Acclario IT worked with an organisation who is responsible for mobilising large groups of volunteers and manage dispersion to deal with natural disasters, engage with organisations in volunteer-led works. Managing multiple volunteer groups is not easy and requires heavy amount of tracking, communications and continuous engagement to give volunteers a great experience.  

With so many volunteers, came a lot of paperwork and processes of engagement. Acclario IT stepped in to help staff think of how they can leverage the same tools they currently have to optimise operations and make it easy for staff to connect and collaborate with volunteers. Knowing the organisation was not yet ready to tackle a CRM, we assisted their staff build a set of tools and practices that they could implement and onboard volunteers to a digital space where information, messages and tracking can sit all in one area. 

The outcome was ability to continue to operate even in COVID but bringing about realisation new opportunities for volunteers to engage and contribute strengthening impact of volunteer workforce on recent natural disasters and organisational achievements that were volunteer led. 

2. Accelerating Onboard Process

Every Australian Business has some internal process to onboard new employees to their company. The process is usually made up of several smaller, inter-twinning processes that are generally carried out by multiple people disparity leading to either a lot of back and forth, confusion for the new employee, their manager, HR, IT and Payroll (if not more). Optimising and automating onboarding process is a popular request from Acclario IT.  

Acclario IT recently got to improve upon our HR onboard accelerator solution built using what many of our clients already have – Power Platform: Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate.  

One customer we created branded forms built creating a guided experience for the new employee to review their onboard package from IT, HR and approvals from their manager all from a tablet. With the base request and onboard forms the process allowed our customer to reduce the administrative burdens of several staff across three departments allowing staff responsible for the onboard process to trust the solution to go from one review and approval to the next with very little input from them, ultimately leading to heavy time-saving benefits for the organisation with high-volume of contract workers. 

3. Building an Understanding of the Value of Data

Data and AI is an effective solution area where businesses come to us either knowing exactly the type of report and insights they require or have no particular vision for utilising data in their organisation other than knowing that everyone else is looking to do the same. 

Building a strong data strategy and analysis business does not have to be complicated. It requires commitment and patience knowing that the value of focusing on a data platform, advanced analytics, and AI will ultimately create new experiences for staff in your organisation. 

Our data consultants recently partnered with a newly formed data BI team in a large commercial retail company. Legacy systems, limited data infrastructure and requirements for as close as possible live data were all discussed to collaborate on set of strategic activities and priorities within ICT budget that would bring the most value to create the envision optimal self-service data intelligence environment. 

The outcome envisioned was building foundation of data insight toolsets which included Data warehouse setup with optimise ETL process, report building structure and enablement of key business and data-focused power users to self-serve for agile decision making. 

For us here at Acclario, these stories highlight what an exciting time is, to be in the technology industry. Every story shows just how fast technology is evolving and the new ways we can innovate. Only a few years ago we operated primarily as a SharePoint company.  

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so have our services, capabilities, expertise, and our customers’ challenges. The one constant for us and our customers is the need for all of us to continue to understand we are in some shape or form need to be a technology company to connect and deliver excellent service.