An industry leading data
visualisation tool

A groundbreaking visualisation tool

PufferFish is our unique industry leading Data Visualisation tool. PufferFish is capable of providing sophisticated insights
into your business, without the need to understand complex SQL coding or custom queries generation.

Crafted and developed in house by our highly experience development team led by Dr Kenneth Wang.

Data visualization at its best.

The simplest examples of data visualisation are the pie and bar charts you’ve been able to access via Microsoft Excel for more than a decade now. But as Business Intelligence has matured as a platform so, too, have the options available to you for seeing your data and presenting it to others.

At the lower end are simpler tools dedicated to building infographics rather than performing any sort of data analytics. At the higher end are tools that allow direct querying across multiple data sources and the ability to change visualisations on the fly.

PufferFish is at the cutting edge of the high end spectrum.

What PufferFish can do
for your business


A simple easy to navigate
user interface

Designed for Business Users
and Knowledge Workers

Easy to deploy and install

Uniquely tailored to your needs through the use of a modular structure. Choose the right components for your business

Visual 3D rendered solutions that provide powerful visualisations of your organisation

See PufferFish in Action.
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See PufferFish in Action.

Learn how PufferFish data visualisation is changing the way we view how analytics should be.