Business Applications

Seamlessly integrate your Business Applications to maximise your business outcomes.

Business Applications is Microsoft’s integrated solution for business functions such as sales, customer service, field service, finance and operations and HR. Dynamics 365 combined with the Power Platform is a powerful business system that allows organisations to manage these critical functions at any scale.

As organisations grow sound business processes become critical and at scale that can become very complex. Dynamics 365 can streamline and energise these business processes, whilst integrating with the M365 tools of everyday.

If your organisation has too many:

  • applications with fragile connections
  • manual work arounds for broken processes
  • repetitive tasks
  • disparate data sets

Specific Solutions Available

Dynamics 365

Business process optimisation through improved and automated workflows. Free your team from repetitive tasks and bottlenecks and give them the information they need to deliver. Learn More

Dynamics CRM

Stakeholder management can become complex as organisations grow. Different customers, vendors, regulator and partner types, combined with complex contractual arrangements, calls for a robust platform that can grow with you. The requirement for powerful insights from these relationships is key and can be achieved with Dynamics CRM. Learn More

Business Central

A powerful ERP designed for SME’s. Where most accounting software applications for small business run out of breath at 1000 transactions or 200 employees, Business Central can take you to the next level. Manage the growing complexity in your business with this cloud-based platform with the power to give you visibility deep into your organisation. Learn More

Power Platform

With Power Platform, you can build custom applications, automate workflows, and gain valuable insights, breaking down silos and transforming your organization into a dynamic, responsive, and data-driven powerhouse. Learn More

Why Working With Acclario Will Help Your Business

Partnering with Acclario to integrate Business Application will simplify your enterprise architecture and provide you with a sustainable roadmap as you grow into the future. If you’re looking for a partner that can:

Drive business outcomes.