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Accelerating Intranet setup with Acclario IT   


Date: 30 October, 2020

Let’s Talk Intranets

Our digital transformation consultants over the last 18 months have collaborated and worked with many Queensland companies to install modern Intranet experiences built using Microsoft 365. 

We have met and worked with incredible and intelligence people who in the beginning were quite intimiated at the prospect of standing up a new intranet and it brought to our attention. 

The first thing we hear is that they want some high-tech, branded up site to engage employees just like their website for their customers.  

Employee engagement is a great objective, but an Intranet is so much more. Straight from our consultants who have implemented another 3 major Intranet solutions in the last 6 months are 3 fundamental principles that can help you accelerate the process of standing up a new Intranet for your organisation and also help you and your colleagues understand how an Intranet can help your day to day. 

Accelerate by Understanding Your Business Needs 

Realizing the benefits of acquiring an Intranet requires business leaders to look beyond their technologyYou need to reimagine existing business models and tackle head on that you probably have work processes that bring people, data together very manually to complete a task such as get approval for work order or have your board review business case.  

Any adoption of a new business application can improve productivity by cutting down time you and your staff/colleagues have to do to follow up, find relevant documents, contact someone to find out progress, then update entries to keep records up to date and keep compliant. 

We have worked with many Australian mid-tier and enterprise level organisations to do build their understanding of their workplace and find ‘quick wins’ to improve and set up their digital workplace. 

This process shouldn’t be seen as new, but is overlooked by many wowed as new technology.  

Digital technology without proper process can disrupts and negatively impact the way we work, our business operations and cause more inefficiencies if it is not properly reviewed against need. 

Many people still think an Intranet is just a nice to have internal website to engage employees. Well, it’s not the case. An intranet if adopted and driven by management who understands how it can support employees  

As your business changes so does your workplace and now more than ever businesses need a digital workplace. Your Intranet should be set up to evolve as you do adapting over time to meet new business challenges and provide operational value. 

Accelerate with Acclario’s Lean Intranet Solution 

Our approach is inspired by the fact that organisations change… rapidly. 

Lean, adaptive and scalable is a lean, inspired approach to providing a right-sized, just in time intranet that understands the needs of an organisation, is modern, user-friendly, and equipped for scalability.  

Our team have worked with many Australian companies  kick-start design, build, and implement Intranet solutionThe key is lean, adaptive and scalable focus when we are building. It has not always been the case, but it is an outcome of our continuous improvement and realisation that custom fit for purpose Intranets comes at a cost that in many cases does not outweigh the negative impact of not being able to easily adapt. 

Our experience and flexibility in collaborative and enterprise content management platforms enabled us to build a collection  fundamental solutions built on Microsoft Service Stack that are fit for common business processes per industry.  

The architecture and technical delivery of Acclario’s Accelerated Intranet solutions means businesses in Not-for-Profit, Health, Manufacturing, Transport, Engineering & Construction, Education and Food can adopt Intranet solutions already pre-catering to common needs.  

It is brilliant work of our consultants working on standardising these Intranet solutions that can save you time, energy and money. 


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