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The health sector is rapidly evolving, with a heavy focus on improving performance, data management and patience experience. ICT is of growing importance for healthcare organisations and hospitals.

Many departments and business areas in the Healthcare sector particularly hospitals and non-profit organisations are still heavily relying on traditional methods of information managing. Spreadsheet after spreadsheet makes up an enormous amount of time manually entering important data into custom designed sheets. For the most part it, these types of excel solutions work. Employees get use to the daily manual labour to record and report using filters through data and satisfied and dedicate sufficient time to ensure the integrity of the data and sheet.

Some departments and teams get more savvy, using macros to automate simple processes and soon enough the sheet is so heavily customised that more data gets pumped through. This is where problems start arising. As powerful and customisable as spreadsheets are they when you begin to scale up the size of information (dataset) excel begins to strain as need to update formulas, macros leading to mistakes appearing in your data.

We’ve worked with a range of health organisations, and departments in hospitals to come up with specific solutions for each of their business areas dealing with strain of spreadsheets to manage important data.

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Case Studies

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Improving patient management with custom clinician portal

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