How ready are you for the NDIS?

July 13, 2017

The largest social reform since Medicare

The large-scale reform happening in the disability sector is forcing organisations – small, medium and large to think more strategically about technology and their digital presence.

This is especially true for non-profit and community care organisations. Our work within the NFP and community care sector to combat the digital disruption has already gained notice. Non-profit organisations are getting on board with cloud and digital marketing solutions focused on accessibility, collaboration, sharing and client-centric activities.

While growth is slow and there may be apprehension about going digital, there is a clear recognition and willingness to change. The shift in mindset is the first step for organisational leaders to transform and prepare for the NDIS market.

Your answers to these simple questions will help understand where your business is at on the NDIS ready journey.

  1. What do our clients want and need?
  2. What value do we provide our client over other providers?
  3. How we will attract and retain NDIS participants in the competitive market?
  4. What information are we providing to client to about the NDIS and how to prepare?
  5. How will we align our mission and organisation intent to the service model under the NDIS?
  6. How we will align our services to the range of supports categories in anticipation of participant planning assessments?
  7. What will be our cost for each service provided?
  8. How will we manage inquiries from prospective clients?
  9. How will we measure the quality of our services in helping participants achieve their goals?
  10. What resources, changes and investment needed to be sustainable under the NDIS?

To help organisations prepare for the transition to the NDIS and sustain in the new market environment, an NDIS Provider Toolkit has been developed by the NDS. Acclario consultants can work with providers to apply the toolkit to assess and review their level of business readiness across the seven key areas identified in the toolkit.

Find out more on how we help organisations become NDIS business ready.