How We Did It: Helping One of Queensland’s Hospital And Health Services

Date: 19 June, 2020

Our recent implementation and configuration of a SharePoint Solution built for one of Queensland’s leading HHS’s is an excellent example of the benefits of a robust documentation and data management system. We were able to design and implement a series of processes and procedures that helped our client speed up their workflow, in turn allowing them to help more people in a time when they need it the most.

Before we intervened, our client’s systems were difficult to navigate, and entirely decentralised. Without a centralised template for documentation and data management, our client found themselves using a separate series of processes and procedures for each of their departments, making training staff difficult. There was also an over reliance on spreadsheets, and a large number of tools were not being adequately reviewed by their IT department. However, our client recognised the need to improve these systems, and they asked for our help in designing a superior set of processes and procedures for managing documents that could be centralised and would be consistent across all departments. In addition to the benefits of centralisation, our client was also looking for a new system that would be simpler than the old one, and easier to find support for. Thankfully, our team was able to design and implement a system that fulfilled all of our client’s requirements.

Our stellar team of professionals worked closely with the key stakeholders  to understand their requirements. To begin, we deployed a small team of consultants who were able to create a 2-year road map that was approved by the management team. We outlined a new enterprise-class content management system that would allow our client to operate 24/7 and support a potential 6000 users across the state. By working closely with the customer, we were able to not only provide weekly updates and corrections, ensuring we adhered to the road map, but we were also able to address a number of additional challenges that arose as we began our work. Because of that work, our client was able to immediately see the benefits of our content management system.

The system our team created included a change in retention policies and other procedures that allowed our client to reap the benefits of our content management systems immediately. Our client greatly benefited from our centralised document management system, including the new hierarchical structure and consistency between departments. In addition, we also managed to upskill a variety of employees and staff members across departments to use the more modern enterprise content management system, moving our client away from the legacy platform they were using previously. As a result, we reduced the administrative effort placed on document management, as well as decreased the costs and overheads of the IT department by promoting responsibilities among the system’s users and managers. By moving to our modern enterprise content management system, our client was able cut costs and improve their workflow.

Thanks to our help, this HHS was able to integrate a modern enterprise-class content management system. Now, they now benefit from a range of improvements, including reduced costs and increased efficiency.

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