Success Story: Local Government

‘My Staff’ Portal

Profile: Local Government Council with 250 employees spread across more than 20 locations, serving a population in excess of 125,000 people.

Many local Councils are heavily departmentalised, often working from several different locations, and with external contractors requiring access to certain areas within the council’s secure environment. For reasons such as these, the ability to streamline internal processes, collaborate effectively and provide secure data access is becoming increasingly more important within Local Government.

A Local Council recently chose Acclario as their solutions provider to provide an effective and empowering collaboration tool for 250 Council employees and a wide range of external contractors. The challenge was to remedy an unengaging and highly segmented digital environment which left employees frustrated and less productive than they could be. Using an outdated Intranet that was difficult to navigate, did not support employee collaboration requirements, and with unreliable data availability, the Council was struggling to provide a seamless experience across their networks and needed a way to provide a better end-user experience.

In line with the Councils’ ‘Smart City’ ICT strategy, Acclario IT established a new SharePoint Online Portal to support Council operations, as a collaboration and information sharing platform, and one that would support a mobile workforce into the future, whist driving organisational efficiency.

The new SharePoint ‘My Staff’ Portal allows Council employees to access Government systems remotely and securely, collaborate on documents in real-time, and access organisational insights and news. The solution improved productivity, collaboration, and user experience with centralised document libraries and unified communication channels for the Council. The Council’s goal of encouraging and facilitating collaboration between employees and contractors, and a more personalised experience for all stakeholders, is now a reality and was delivered in line with budgets and schedules as determined in the project planning stage.

Below is a demo example of a similar Portal (using SharePoint Classic)

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