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Understanding the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to provide all Australians with disability, their families and carers with the services and support they need to achieve their goals across their lifetime. We’ve put together some resources and tools to help providers understand the NDIS environment including the key changes, the NDIS process and challenges for providers.

How NDIS Business Ready are you?

The large-scale reform happening in the disability sector is forcing organisations – small, medium and large to think more strategically about technology and their digital presence. Answer these simple questions to better understand where your business is at, on the NDIS ready journey.

Steps to become NDIS Business Ready

In the era of customer-centricity, it is important now more than ever for businesses and organisations ensure they have the resources, processes and visibility to sustain in the NDIS market and ensure a high level of service. We’ve outlined several key dimensions to consider for the NDIS pathway forward.

Our Services

How we can help you?

With the changes in progress due to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, many providers in the sector are struggling to reorient their internal processes to the new paradigm. Correct re-alignment of existing processes to the Scheme is essential to ongoing effective service delivery.

The process attributes that we focus upon for the new NDIS include:

  1. Process agility – how quickly your processes can change
  2. Process flexibility – the amount of change that processes can cope with
  3. Process adaptability – how quickly can your processes move

We will help you:

  • Planning for how to do it
  • Realign your processes to the new requirements
  • Preparing the organisation for the change
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