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 We know Office 365 and SharePoint like no other.

Microsoft is the recognised leader in business productivity solutions, defining the future of collaboration, empowering people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device. As a Microsoft partner, we leverage the power and capabilities of Office 365 and SharePoint in creating business solutions that meet your needs.

Professional Services Solutions with Acclario

Digital Workplace Solutions

As digital disruption sweeps across all industries changing the workforce, businesses need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to continue to grow. Our solutions are built to address real-world business challenges, customised to address your industry-specific needs, processes and standards. We offer a wide array of solutions and business tools that make work better by empowering your team to work more efficiently, gain insight and engage with your customers.

Digital workplace solutions with Acclario

Professional Services

Great professional services will help solve your business pain points and enable you to thrive in your industry. Our team of consultants, architects, and, engineers are devoted to help you discover new insights into the possibilities of your business.  We work with you to align your technology with your business requirements so you can run your business more efficiently and seize new opportunities. Let us take care of your migration and upgrades, while providing the knowledge, strategies and tools to help you strengthen your business.

Intranet and External Portals

Create an organisational hub where your team, partners or members can share information, documents, news, events and can access important departmental services.

Document and Records Management

Effectively manage records and documents with metadata, versioning, permissions, structure, auditing, and enterprise level search.

Customer Relationship Management

Harness the benefits of CRM to manage customer and partner information, and interactions, allowing you to build a database of opportunities for your business.

Business Intelligence

Work smarter by equipping your organisation with dashboards, reports, and tracking allowing you to quickly respond to business issues and opportunities in real time.

Forms and Workflows

Automate your manually intense processes, increase data reliability, and free up your workforce for more thought centric work with our form and workflow solutions.

Custom Application Development

Not all businesses are built the same. We analyse, design, build and integrate applications that meets your unique business needs and challenges.

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Gain the agility, flexibility and the freedom to innovate

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