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The Busy Group is a not-for-profit education training and employment organisation providing a range of services and programs that place more people in jobs, assist people in learning new skills and exposes communities to positive change through partnerships with employers
and industry. The Busy Group currently employs 263 employees across 45 offices.

Due to continued growth, it was identified that a review of their current technological environment and development of strategic plan was needed to ensure that The Busy Group had the technical infrastructure to support the delivery of their services as well as report and monitor performance of their programs and services.

Acclario was commissioned to carry out the review and build Busy Group’s understanding of the pathway forward to meet the organisations business intelligence goals. A program of works to build Busy’s business intelligence architecture was developed and approved for implementation.


Working with key BAW stakeholders, Acclario developed a Business Intelligence roadmap with the initial phases focused on:

  1. Designing of the BUSY data warehouse;
  2. Establishing the infrastructure, process, tools, and data models for reporting and;
  3. On-boarding and assisting business owners in the creation of BI reports that meets business needs

Key activities included:

  • Discovery and requirements gathering session to determine vision and identify data warehouse business requirements
  • Review and analysis of sample reports to determine information management and reporting process
  • Development of high-level plan and BI data warehouse roadmap Set up of SQL database and ETL to import consolidated operational
  • ODBC connected data overnight
  • Initial setup of data source relationships in the Power BI template
  • Configuration of 5 reports using Power BI
  • Migration to BAW SQL server to production


The initial project was to connect directly to data source/external system to PowerBI as an interim
solution, in order build priority custom reports.

The Acclario BI team worked in a timely manner using agile methodology to respond appropriately to Busy’s needs and tight timeline but keep within  the approved scope and budget.

Five priority reports were also created alongside Busy’s business stakeholders with several future projects mapped out based on the success of the initial data program of works.

Key Benefits

  • Faster implementation of Busy’s data warehouse and proven  method to onboard and import
    future data sources
  • Improved operational reporting by creating single source of truth for key operational data
  • Ownership and better control on historical data
  • Implemented strategies, for extending and enhancing the data warehouse

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