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The health industry is rapidly evolving with a heavy focus on improving performance, data management and patience experience. Our client, a patient care team in a new and fast-growing hospital asked us to come up with a solution to improve their data entry process and management of patient vaccination records. To track patient vaccinations, an custom excel sheet was used by various staff including, nurses, doctors and administration staff to manage each patient vaccination records, schedules and their internal stock of vaccines.

As their work increased and the number of patients seen continued to grow, the use of excel as their central information management system lead to issues with accuracy and quality of the data and increased manual processes to handle the growing amount of data. With over 5000+ items in the spreadsheet, they were looking for an improved way to manage their patient database and export necessary data for their reporting.

Key Objectives

  • Enable clinicians and administration staff to manage patient vaccinations records and vaccine stock records with ease
  • Automate data entry processes to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Improve data accuracy for increased trust in the data for reporting and decision making
  • Address their technical challenges with current data entry, reporting, integration with third party data systems.


We took the time to understand the pain points and listen to their ideas of a what a better system would be from each stakeholder’s perspective. We then worked with their team to design and develop a custom application leveraging their current SharePoint 2013 infrastructure. Our solution focused on simplifying data entry and and integrating with existing hospital data system to leverage and eliminate as many data entry processes that would streamline patient vaccination records management and reporting.

We focused on building a user interface design improve user experience with the system for clinicians and administrator to easily view and manage profiles, upcoming vaccines, manage stock supply and export reports. A key component of this solution was the integration of data from existing hospital records systems to reduce the amount of manual entry required and ultimately saving clinicians and administrators time that can be spent elsewhere.


    With this custom SharePoint application, our clients were able to increase efficiency of patient vaccine record management and reporting. Our custom application enabled them to:

    • Track who was using vaccine management system
    • Reduce the amount of time preparing monthly reports
    • Easily identify and flag upcoming appointments, tasks and issues
    • Streamline their data entry process

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