Digital Transformation


Simplifying patient appointment tracking and reporting


Primary Health


Our client serves an increasing amount of patients each day and needs to be able to track the number of instances between patients and clinicians for reporting. To capture patient and clinician service interactions, an excel sheets was built, however overtime the sheet had become very complex and inaccurate. Our client needed a solution that indexed, classified interactions on a simple and easy to use interface.

Key Objectives

  • Capture instances of patient and clinician service interactions with ease
  • Reduce the amount of manual processes to manage the data
  • Improve reporting capabilities


After gathering requirements and speaking to each stakeholder about their experience with the current system, we created a custom SharePoint 2013 application to address the challenges they were experiencing. Our SharePoint 2013 custom application was designed with the end users in mind.

We designed the user interface to reflect their work process, simplifying the data entry processes and minimise inaccuracies caused by user behaviour.

For improved reporting capabilities, we created SQL reporting solution that tracks occasions of service automatically. With this custom information management records system, our clients are not able to work more efficiently with significant reduction in time they previsouly spent fixing user errors, maintaining the sheet and building reports.


    • Easy end user data entry module
    • Logical and simplified user interface for ease of use and easier adoption
    • Advanced reporting capabilities and analysis
    • Increased business efficiency
    • Data insights for simplified view of data

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