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Success Story: Queensland Children’s Hospital ICare Department

Date: 27 May, 2020
For the ICare department at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, documentation and data management was an all-too-real headache. Due to their setup, their workflow was being slowed down by poorly organised documentation and slow software. Thankfully, with our help, we were able to design a new system that allows ICare to provide an exceptional healthcare service thanks to an increase in efficiency and data security.

We assisted ICare by implementing several key policies. Our talented team was able to create a company-wide documentation management system, ensuring that the policies and processes we put in place would be able to benefit all departments within the team. To create this system, we utilised the vast capabilities of SharePoint. We also made sure to onboard the ICare team so that they can continue to leverage the abilities of the software to keep their documents and data well-managed and secure in the future. Finally, we also crafted a documentation management file structure for each department, helping reduce the duplication of documents and centralise project management. As a result, there was a higher capacity for shared information, creating cost efficiencies. However, though these file management structures were designed individually for each department, the over-arching documentation management system ensures that employees from one department will be able to navigate the file system of another department with ease. By doing so, knowledge can be shared across departments seamlessly. Thanks to our systems, the Queensland Children’s Hospital ICare team has benefited from the improved workflows and accessibility of their documentation.

Due to the policies and procedures we implemented for ICare, the team’s workflow was significantly improved. We were able to create a corporate space for information to be accessed, as well as allowing for corporate communication in a seamless and efficient manner. By doing so, we were able to solve one of the critical issues ICare had identified in their prior setup. Initially, they were concerned that their team was spending too much time looking for documentation, commonly by emailing their teammates, which was considerably slowing down the ICare workflow. With our new overarching documentation management systems as well as the departmental file structures, employees are now able to easily find any piece of documentation they might be looking for, helping keep operation costs low. By implementing these systems, we were also able to encourage the team to utilise their documentation better via our information architecture and document management frameworks. With less duplicate files in the system, employees were more reliably able to locate the most complete and current information, rather than having to differentiate between five versions of the same document in varying stages of completion. When the ICare team identified weaknesses within their previous workflow, we were able to help implement systems to improve their day-to-day document management in a significant way.

ICare may have suffered from poor document management and file structuring, but after reaching out to us, they were able to implement a new, well-designed system across every department. Now, they can reliably find information and data as soon as it’s needed and can provide the best service possible to their clients without encountering any unnecessary delays due to an inefficient or incapable data management system.

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