Success Story: Telehealth eHealth solution in Queensland HHS

Date: 25 June, 2020

Telehealth is an opportunity for healthcare systems around the world to adapt to the digital revolution of recent history. A telehealth consultation can connect patients with a variety of GPs and specialists without leaving the safety and comfort of their homes, decreasing wait times, and increasing practicality. Thankfully, for one of Queensland’s leading Health and Hospital services, we were able to help them implement and benefit from a telehealth system.

For our client, their referral system was beginning to move too slowly for their patients. The original system relied on patients being referred to see a GP, who would then recommend the patient to a specialist. This was a long, tedious process that allowed for time-consuming errors to be made, and as the referral process dragged on and on, it was always possible for a patient’s medical condition to worsen. Additionally, our client wanted to take advantage of the growing demand for telehealth services and were already trialing a variety of solutions for live audio and video services for clinical consultations and educational purposes. By improving on the systems already in place and expanding their telehealth offerings to in-house clinical practices, our client believed they could enhance their patient’s waiting time, as well the patient experience, while avoiding the delays of the standard referral process.

We designed a solution that addressed a number of key criteria for our client. First, we sent in a team of consultants to work closely with our client’s key stakeholders to understand how our technology would be used. Our consultants determined that the telehealth system needed to be able to store and forward data as the final solution. We needed to be able to record and capture data, such as images, video, audio, or other clinical data on one of the client’s computers, and then, when it is convenient, transmit that data to a clinic elsewhere, so it may be studied by the relevant specialists. Once we had determined what type of system we would like to implement, we planned an eHealth On-Premises Solution roadmap and conducted a GAP analysis. Finally, we outlined the transition activities and the requirements for ongoing support and maintenance which would allow the clinic to continue operating. With the solution ready and the clinic prepared to transition, we were able to begin implementing the telehealth solution.

Implementing the telehealth system provided incredible results. Our solution was able to provide an outstanding increase in clinical productivity, while the digital transformation helped decrease referral time and improve the patient’s experience with our client. The new system was able to provide direct and secure access to specialist medical consultations for GPs, while also connecting them to doctors, nurses, and departments from other clinics. As such, our system continues to gain traction across HHS’s in Queensland and interstate

Thanks to our commitment to providing a phenomenal solution for every client, as well as our intimate knowledge of our client’s policy, procedures, and existing pain points, we were able to implement an outstanding telehealth system that has left our customer not only satisfied, but eager to see what we produce next.

As the digital revolution continues, telehealth services are becoming an increasingly popular option. Thanks to our dedicated team of IT professionals, we were able to implement a telehealth solution that allowed our client to deliver information and consultations faster, helping decrease the risk of unnecessary medical complication.

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